About Us


 Sage  & Stone Landscape, LLC is owned and operated by Mark Doyle, a 30  year Colorado resident and has offered landscape contracting and  design services since 2004. In late 2018 we relocated to Arvada after many years of being based in Broomfield. We are a sustainably focused design-build  company specializing in landscape and garden installation, landscape  renovations, xeriscaping, artisan stonework, walkways, walls, and patios. We install durable, low maintenance landscapes and features which will  provide many years of functionality and enjoyment. A well designed,  installed, and maintained landscape not only provides immediate benefits  but should also be considered a good long-term investment!

Our goal is to build long lasting relationships with our clients. No doubt,  landscaping is hard work but should be fun and rewarding too! 

Our Sustainable Landscaping Practices

 Considering  our resource-intensive lifestyles, landscapes are one place where many  people can give back to Mother Nature and lessen our impact on the  planet. Sustainable landscaping is an evolving field that goes beyond  some of the better known disciplines such as xeriscaping. Sustainability  and durability go hand in hand. Landscapes that are 'built to last'  help to spread out their inputs over many years. Here are some other  practices we strive to follow that will make your landscape as  sustainable as possible:

  • minimizing water and fertilizer use by choosing native and other climate-appropriate plants
  • using locally manufactured  and/or recycled materials
  • proper soil preparation and amending
  • composting and/or recycling of 'green' waste, especially grass clippings
  • using grading and drainage techniques to capture water runoff from  downspouts and hardscapes  and directing it to planted areas
  • using organic mulches which will break down and enrich the soil
  • minimizing or eliminating herbicide and pesticide use

Over both the short and long term, a sustainable landscape will require less maintenance and thus save you time and money.

Working with Sage & Stone 

The  process begins with a visit to your property to assess the site and  discuss your wants and ideas. This typically will take 45-90 minutes.  The initial visit carries no charge or obligation. We ask lots of  questions, listen closely, and will likely make a few suggestions. If it  is helpful we can look at other landscapes or get ideas from books,  magazines, or websites. 

Once  we have determined a level of mutual interest, we can then move on to the next steps; discussing your budget, timelines, and providing an estimate or design proposal for your project. While we are happy to  provide free estimates, we do ask in return that you are prepared to  discuss your general budgetary goals and constraints, as well as a  timetable for the project.  We prefer to discuss estimates and proposals  in person(at a 2nd visit) versus emailing these items. Keep in mind  that installations can be phased or broken up into separate jobs if  necessary. 

Ultimately,  our goal is for you and us to develop a level of trust and comfort so  that the project will go smoothly and you will be satisfied with the end  result. We warranty all workmanship for a period of one year and will  provide follow up visits as well as ongoing support after that.