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We operate our business in a spirit of partnership with an emphasis on long lasting quality, eco-friendliness, and low maintenance installations. Our philosophy is to do a few things and do them well instead of offering every service under the sun. We invite you to contact us to see if we would be a good fit for your project!

Landscape Renovations: Get rid of that worn out landscape once and for all

Does your landscape need a makeover? Has it become a high maintenance nightmare that makes you dread venturing outdoors?

We can help! We start by exploring what you really want from your landscape and then determine what it will take to get from Point A (where you are now) to Point B (where you want to go). Keep or enhance the things you do like about your yard and change the things you don't like. Working together, we will design an action plan resulting in a new landscape that works for you and enhances the value of your property.

Xeriscaping: Save water, save money, lower your maintenance

In our semi-arid climate, a water-wise landscape is becoming more and more a necessity. Fortunately, xeriscaping is not about rock covered yards with junipers and yucca. It is about applying 7 common sense principles so that you can enjoy a resilient, colorful landscape that is water efficient and thrives in our local climate. We will take the mystery out of xeriscaping and design and install a xeriscape that is beautiful and water-wise. And yes, you can still have a plush lawn to enjoy.

Hardscaping: Patios, walks, retaining walls, steps, arbors, etc.

Hardscape items provide much of the functionality and overall structure to a landscape. It is essential that they be well designed and constructed. One of our specialties is the use of brick pavers for walks, patios and driveways. Brick pavers are among the most durable and attractive surface materials currently available. Or perhaps you may prefer flagstone, boulders or other types of rock for a more natural landscape. Whatever look you desire, there is a large selection of materials available. Choosing and integrating hardscape materials with the architectural elements of your home will make the visual transition from home to landscape more appealing.

Natural Stonework: Long lasting and low maintenance

We are blessed with an abundant supply of locally available rock and stone to give your landscape a real 'Colorado' look. In the proper proportions with other materials, the creative use of rock makes for long lasting low maintenance landscapes. Whether it is flagstone, boulders, quarry rock(aka 'rip rap'), or river cobble, the possibilities are endless. Rock can be used for retaining walls and terraces, borders, dry streambeds, or as a low cost ground cover.

Planting and Garden Installation: Go wild with color and texture

Plants add color, texture and a 'sense of place' to our outdoor environments. The Colorado Front Range has extensive horticultural resources that provide us with an amazing variety of trees, shrubs, and ornamental plants of all types. We can help you choose a unique plant palette for your landscape that provides four season interest and many other benefits. Our insistence on proper soil preparation and planting techniques will ensure long term viability of your gardens and plants. We buy plants from several area wholesale and retail nurseries; plants that are grown in Colorado or similar climates and that are adapted to the harsh weather that exists along the Front Range.

Irrigation Systems: Efficiency is the key

By making extensive use of low pressure drip irrigation systems, it is possible to water large numbers of plants while still minimizing water use. Automatic drip systems are the most efficient way to water; they allow new plantings to establish quickly and require little or no time commitment from the homeowner. In addition, these systems are mostly out of sight and require only occasional maintenance.

As for lawn sprinklers, we can assist you by upgrading old components with newer, more efficient sprinkler heads. By taking these and other steps such as proper irrigation scheduling, we can help you get much more bang for your water buck!

Design and Consulting

While you can take on a landscape project yourself and save lots of money, it is extremely helpful to have some assistance along the way so you can get it right the first time. We can prepare full color 24" x 36" landscape plans, plant lists, and also help you plan and sequence your project. We can also advise you on materials and quantities needed and the best vendors to choose.

Other Services

We provide seasonal maintenance services for some of our clients, mostly in the form of spring and fall cleanups. We can also assist you with grading and drainage issues, fencing, light carpentry work, landscape lighting, and outdoor handyman jobs.

Where We Work

We work throughout the north metro area, including the cities of Broomfield, Lafayette, Louisville, Erie, Superior, Boulder, Longmont, Arvada, Westminster, Thornton, Northglenn, Wheat Ridge, Golden, and Denver.

Give us a call at 303-960-9574 for more information. We look forward to hearing from you!

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